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We offer complete bed installation.



 You can grow flowers, herbs and vegetables and work the soil while sitting on a ledge - a major plus for anyone with a bad back or not-so-bendable knees. We can design and locate the raised garden bed where the growing conditions are best. 

We install 'worry free'  drip irrigation so watering is done automatically (where applicable).

We offer planting guides/advice/tips


 We will work with you to develop a planting guide that works best for you and your family. 

We offer a weekly or bi-weekly garden maintenance service


 We do the planting / re-planting / weeding / fertilizing / pest management (organic) /and harvesting(if you so choose). We keep  your garden in tip top shape.

 "The  bounty is almost on your table. "

What we install

Wood plank raised beds


 This is probably the most common material for constructing raised beds. We  use cedar which is naturally rot-resistant.  We  avoid and advise against using woods preserved with toxins, such as creosote-soaked railroad ties.  

Metal raised beds


 These stylish galvanized planters offer a more contemporary look then the traditional wood beds.  More modern doesn't mean more expensive as these are affordable and quick to install. They come in all shapes- Rectangle to circle 

Concrete block raised beds


 The most permanent and long lasting of all the beds we offer.  This is a total commitment to having producing beds in your garden or wherever you have us build them. 

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Raised Bed Installation

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